Elle Gamboa
Web Development/SEO
I came from a background of filmmaking and journalism before I got involved with programming . I have been developing websites since high school when I discovered html ,CSS& javacript.

I have been working in web development for almost 12 years now.My skill set includes: HTML5, CSS3. Javascript, PHP, Bootstrap, Gatsby, NodeJS. For CMS I used the following” Drupal, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify. For this agency, I choose to specialized in E-commerce and SEO after working several years building E-commerce sites for various clients including Amazon & Ebay.

Tatiana Avaeva

UX Designer

My name is Tatiana Avaeva. I am a UX-UI / Digital Designer with more then decade of experience. I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia where I got my BA degree in Fashion Design from Moscow University of Apparel Industry.

I enjoy working with a diverse group of clients on different projects. My passion is in UX/UI design. In addition to my formal design education, I have certification in Web Development and Quality Assurance. I enjoy working independently, however I am also a team player and have experience working in an agile environment.
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